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After twenty years of growing cut flowers, Farmhouse Flowers & Plants has closed.  In 2010, planning for the future, the farm was sold to a nephew, passing the family farm on to the fourth generation, with plans for Farmhouse Flowers & Plants to continue to use the fields and greenhouses indefinitely.  But, things don’t always go as planned. The nephew obtained a construction/purchase balloon loan and has since defaulted on that loan, resulting in the property being foreclosed on by the lender.  We were unable to stop the foreclosure and the property has been sold.

I’d like to thank our customers for being such great customers.   We will miss visiting with you each week at the farmers markets, and catching up on your lives, your travels, and your families. Over the years, we’ve  enjoyed being a small part of your lives, while you’ve truly been a big part of our lives.  Thank you!

Meeting so many other farmers through the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers, and visiting their farms throughout the county was an unexpected benefit of being a flower farmer.  It was always great to visit with other growers and talk about flowers for hours.  

Farmhouse Dollars - If any customers have Farmhouse Dollars to redeem, we have arranged for Wollam Gardens, Greenstone Fields, LynnVale Studios, and M & M Plants to accept them at the farmers markets they attend. The Farmhouse Dollars may be redeemed in any quantity, not just multiples of five. Wollam Gardens and LynnVale Studios will be at Dupont Circle, Wollam Gardens will be at Kensington, M & M Plants will be at Olney and Rockville, Greenstone Fields will be at Falls Church.

Go to their web sites for details on the markets they attend.    

Wollam Gardens       Greenstone Fields       LynnVale Studios        M & M Plants

Capital Flower Growers, LLC,  a joint venture started last year with Wollam Gardens and Greenstone Fields to sell directly to retail florists and event designers will not be affected. Deliveries will continue as usual.  More info can be found at

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